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        Worried But Well           

Brain Health - You are what you Eat


Wednesday, November 16



We all grew up with the old adage, ‘You are what you eat’ but, what does that mean for your brain health?  Are you doing all you can to help your brain thrive year after year?  Please join us to learn helpful hints and tips on how you can help your brain health and fitness for years to come!


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Worried But Well 

Tips for Successful Engagement


Wednesday, December 14



It’s that time of year when we meet up with friends, new and old, and sing songs of goodwill and cheer!  Now, if only you can remember their names, faces and lyrics to the songs!   No need to despair!!!  Please join in this month’s class to learn how to take the stress out of social engagement situations in order to feel more confident about being in familiar and/or new situations!!



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Presented by:

Heather Gately

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American Sign Language

Review & Basic Signs


Thursday, November 3


This class will touch on the basic language

foundation in ASL. This includes the alphabet,

numbers, common signs, greetings,

and conversational phrases.

Presented by Cari Ventura


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Joint Protection Techniques

Friday, December 9th



Physical Therapists and Occupational      Therapists discuss non-surgical ways to help preserve joints to delay or prevent joint       replacement surgery.


Presented by:  Hospital for Special



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Homeowners Property Revaluation &

Senior Property Tax Relief Program


Friday, Dec. 9th  at 12:00pm


Greg Stackpole from the City of

Stamford Tax Assessors Office will speak about the Homeowners Property

Revaluation and Senior Property Tax

 Relief program


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SLN Programs November 2022

All times are 2 pm EST 

The programs below are in person live streamed

 at the Senior Center

(we have 5 spaces available for those who cannot attend in person)


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Tues., Nov 22: Valley Forge National Historic Park

When the Continental Army marches into Valley Forge on December 19th, 1777, there have already been two and a half years of the American Revolutionary War. The most recent, mostly unsuccessful Philadelphia Campaign led to the British capture of the American capital, Philadelphia. Learn why the Americans choose Valley Forge as their strategic winter encampment, what happens during the six months after marching in, and what the reorganization, resupply, and rest do for the Continentals as they continue the war for another five years. 

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Tuesday, Nov 29th:  The Printing Museum

What is printing, and what is its historical impact? In what ways do we continue to see its effect today? Take a virtual trip to The Printing Museum and explore the earliest examples of writing, illuminated texts, and modern-day machines. Learn about the integral role printing had in transforming societies as we journey through the Renaissance, Colonial America, Texas independence from Mexico, and a mid-century newsroom. With demos on the Gutenberg and Columbus presses, visitors can learn the mechanics of printing and its dynamic influence on history, fine art, and communications.


Tues.  Dec 6: FDR Presidential Library and Museum

Christmas at the White House!

If you have ever heard Jeff Urbin share about Christmas at the Roosevelt White House, you’ll know he has plenty to say!

There’s always something new to learn, and we’ll have lots of fun while we’re at it.  Join us for our last program of the year celebrating the holidays with the Roosevelts!

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Tuesday, Dec 13th:  The National Archives:  “ Rightfully Hers”


Join us from The National Archives as they share about the American Women and the Fight for the Vote!


Using the founding documents of the United States and records of the National Archives, we will learn about how and why women fought for the right to vote. We will explore the challenges suffragists faced and discover why the fight for women’s voting rights persisted even after the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

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Tuesday, December 20th:  Virtual Tour of St. Paul's Church National Historic Site, Mt. Vernon, NY

With images, documents and live narration, the tour explores the historic significance and cultural features of the 18th century masonry church, which was utilized as a hospital by both sides during the Revolutionary War, and the historic cemetery at St. Paul's, among the nation's oldest, continuously used burial yards. 

We also explore a landmark, open air election at St. Paul's in 1733, which raised issues of freedom of religion, assembly and the press, heralding the importance of those themes in the development of democracy in America.

 This is an in person live stream at the Senior Center.

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Open Technology Session

Wednesdays 1 to 2:30pm at the center


 Having problems with Zoom or any other computer, tablet or  smart phone issues? 

You are not alone!


Our Amazing Technology Team is here

to help answer all your questions.


  Please let us know what other topics you would like to learn .


 Email us

and let us know, or better yet, hop

onto the Open Tech session and speak with

Stu, Peter or Rouja about your ideas.


Conversational Spanish 

with Rene





Join this fun group and learn the basics of Spanish and perfect your pronunciation and vocabulary.


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English as a Second


Beginners Level with Andrea

Thursdays from 12:00-1:00 pm

Located in the Mural Room