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Worried But Well

Strategies for Memory

Management and Wellness

Wednesday, August 24th



Presented by: Heather Gately

Dementia Specialist - Home Instead


Have you ever wanted to say something but could not think of the right word? This phenomenon is known as ‘tip of the tongue’ syndrome. It is a completely normal, age-related condition and you are not alone!  Try the “Worried but Well” discussion group where you will learn tips and techniques, exercises and ways to improve your brain neuroplasticity to help combat against these “senior moments”!


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Join this lively group as you tackle all the

 latest breaking news, including local, state,

  nationwide and global events!


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Discussion Leader:  Tom


Classes are held at the center "Mural Room" & Via Zoom Link is provided below

SLN Programs August & September 2022

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Tuesday, August 16: Architectural History of Angel Island

This program will survey the rich architectural history of Angel Island, ranging from the American Civil War intro the end of the Second World War, and beyond to the eventual architectural restoration efforts in more recent years. The imposing military architecture of Fort McDowell and Camp Reynolds will be reviewed, along with the contributions of celebrated California architects Walter j. Mathews and Julia Morgan, who were commissioned by the US Department of Commerce to design the buildings of USIS Angel Island.


The park is home to over 100 historic structures, and we will be taking a closer look at selected examples of the fascinating architectural catalogue of the island.

Mighty 8.jpg

Tuesday, August 23: Mission # 77 – Ruthie II

Mighty 8th National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force 

DATELINE: July 26, 1943 Hanover, Germany

“BACKGROUND– B-17 Ruthie II of the 92nd BG 325th BS crewmembers demonstrated the true meaning of the word hero on July 26, 1943.

One plane, one mission….two unforgettable stories.... “


Join us as we hear from Heather Thies, Director of Education at the Mighty 8th museum

for a captivating story of bravery and heroism.

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Tuesday, August 30th: Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site


The comfort and opportunities inherent in the wealthy, Victorian-era home and family life that Roosevelt experienced as a youth helped him overcome a potentially limiting childhood illness and develop into an intellectually and physically bold adult who welcomed and successfully navigated numerous challenges in his public life. That same intrepid and ambitious approach to life developed in his youth led him to build a successful political career in spite of the restrictions common to members of the upper class in the late 19th century. 


Join us as we take a tour of Theodore Roosevelt’s home, room by room ! The emphasis here is on TR's youth but in conclusion we can cover the effect of his early years on his later life, including the presidency.  

Tues., Sept 6 : Witness History with Mystic Seaport Museum:

Russian Immigrant Inna Belova

Mystic is an SLN favorite, and we are excited to be back with them for another unique program!

This time we will meet one of the Museum role players who specializes in bringing her character to life and transporting people back to the 1800s.  Inna Belova, a Russian immigrant in New London, by way of Alaska, shares entertaining personal travel and other stories and engages the participants through show and tell and gets folks moving with a little Russian dancing. We will also have a chance to speak with the educator out of character to learn how she created their character using primary and secondary sources.

Tuesday, Sept 13: Midwest Archeological Center

Tour through Time: Exploring History through Artifacts

The Midwest Archeological Center is dedicated to the study, interpretation and preservation of archeological resources within the National Park System, taking care of archeological collections from national parks. We conduct research on sites ranging from 10,000-year-old American Indian campsites to the garbage in Abraham Lincoln's backyard. Join us as we take a tour of stories of the human past and learn how we care for artifacts!  

Tuesday, Sept 20: Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Park

Give me a child until he is 7, and I will show you the man."   -Aristotle


The Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park located in Hodgenville, Kentucky is home to the Sinking Spring Farm, also known as the birthplace of our 16th President Abraham Lincoln.  The park is made up of 2 units: The Birthplace Unit and the Boyhood Home Unit at Knob Creek.  It was here on these 2 farms, that Abraham Lincoln spent the first 7 years of his life.  His Kentucky roots would have a lasting impact on the boy, who would later become President.  In the early 20th Century, private citizens would band together to create the park, and the first national monument to Lincoln in the United States.  Join Stacy Humphreys, the park's Chief of Interpretation and Resource Management as we explore Lincoln's Kentucky roots and influences, and she shares stories of the park's creation and detail the work that is still being done to tell the story of the early formative years of Lincoln's life.

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Tuesday, Sept 27: Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

The building of the Casa Grande was a major event of the Classic Period (1100 – 1450. C.E.). The best dating methods available indicate that this large, caliche structure was built during the 1300’s. The construction appears to have been well planned and organized, requiring tons of material and a huge cooperative effort on the part of many people.

Today we can only marvel at the Casa Grande and try to imagine what it was used for. Though many theories have been suggested, we still aren’t sure as to its purpose. All we can assume is that the Casa Grande must have been very important to the people who built it. Join us as we learn about this fascinating mystery in Arizona!

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