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 Lifelong Learning Programs


Wednesdays  12:15pm - 1:00pm

How to Live to be 100

September 6th

Speaker: Edward H. Schuster

Empowering Senior to Reduce Depression & Social Isolation

September 13th

Speaker: Roni Lang, LCSW, Greenwich Hospital

Changing the Narrative on Food Insecurity

September 15th

Speaker: Alexa Sosa, Food Rescue

Fall Prevention Workshop

September 20th

Speaker: Gerald Otaga, DPT, RAC-CT

Grief Recovery Method (GRM)

October 4th

Speaker: Julie Blitzer


Update on COVID 19 & Boosters

October 18th

Speaker: Dr. Henry Yoon & Jody Bishop-Pullan

Register on myactivecenter or by calling 203-977-5151



SLN Programs for September 2023

All times are 2 pm EST 

The programs below are in person live streamed

 at the Senior Center

(we have 5 spaces available for those who cannot attend in person)


Virtual Tour.jpg

Tuesday, Sept 12: Virtual Tour of the Bush Family Home

Join us for a virtual tour of the Bush Family Home, which boasts 2 Presidents, 2 Governors and a First

Lady (and another nearby First Lady). The Bushes lived in the home from 1951-1955 and is where they lived when Robin died and Jeb and Neil were born.

NC Maritime Museum.jpg

Tuesday, Sept 19th: North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort, SC


The Cape Lookout Lighthouse

Shortly after it was completed, it became apparent that the1812 Cape Lookout Lighthouse was ineffective. Almost half a century later--following administrative and policy changes in the Light House Board--the second Cape Lookout Lighthouse was completed. This new, taller tower was better suited to warn mariners of the dangers of Lookout Shoals. However, shortly a er the improved tower was ac vated, war broke out between the states. The light was ex nguished to prevent Union ships from using it to navigate the treacherous North Carolina coast. The light was reestablished with a third order Fresnel lens in 1863 and shone for most of the remainder of the war. Join us as we learn more of the history of the Cape Lookout Lighthouse, an iconic landmark of Carteret County, known as “The Diamond Lady”.

The Longfellow.jpg

Tuesday, Sept 26: Art Collection at The Longfellow House Washington's

Headquarters National Historic Site 

The Longfellow House is well known for the depth of its history and literary connections, but did you know that there's also an incredible art collection? The fine art collection on numbers about 2,000 works on exhibit and in storage. It includes paintings, drawings, prints, and sculpture that range in date from the seventeenth to the early twentieth century. Ranging from marble sculptures to drawings by the Longfellow children, the collection spans multiple continents and centuries. Join Ranger Kate for a virtual tour of what's on display in the house and a conversation about what makes art worth preserving. 

 These programs are streamed  at the Senior Center or you can log into zoom from home to watch.

Please register ahead on or

by calling the Center at 203-977-5151.

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