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  • Chris Crain

March Madness takes on a whole new meaning with the Coronavirus.

Day Two of our Senior Center being shut down due to the Coronavirus. The staff is here but, it's so quiet without our members. We miss hearing Coleman's great laugh, the lively discussions coming from our cafe, the sound of salsa music coming from Lili's Zumba Gold class and yes... Teddi asking why there is no cake in the cafe after lunch. Esther has been busy doing a massive cleaning of the cafe, Gina and Ada are making some phone calls to check in on our members and I'm typing away on our new blog as a way to have our members post their news, tell us what you're up to, how many closets they've cleaned out , reading any good books, survived a trip to the supermarket and any other news you want to share with your SSC family as a way to stay connected while we are physically apart. So, please post your news on our blog and we will share updates with you as well.

Be Well and stay calm, this too shall pass!

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