Enrichment/Recreational Programs

Programs sponsored by our friends at Fairfield's Bigelow Center

Lyumilla Pav.jpg

Lyudmilla Pavlichenko

and the Women of the

Red Army in

World War II


Friday, June 4



Pavlichenko was the most prolific female sniper in history, with 309 kills on the Russian front. A Soviet sniper in the Red Army during World War II. Pavlichenko was nicknamed "Lady Death" for her incredible ability with a sniper rifle.



Meeting ID: 943 7315 9585

Passcode: Albertson


Wednesday, June 9



The search and discovery of these little treasures found in cellars and basements

at estate sales. You never know what you’re going to find!. Hear about some

best discoveries and the

stories behind them. 


Meeting ID: 939 6430 1642

Passcode: Attic

Art chat.jpg

Tuesday, June 15



Join Masters instructor and artist, Christine Goldbach for a zoom art class dealing with everything from how to hold a pencil to art history.


Chris will talk about art in all its forms. This entertaining look into the wild and wide world of art will answer your questions and solve your art problems from a-z, abstraction to zinc white!


Please have your art supplies (any medium) handy and be ready to explore. All are welcome.

Meeting ID: 914 3246 1509

Passcode: ArtChat

Programs sponsored by our friends at Weston Senior Center

Naval War.jpg

The Naval War in the Pacific Series: The Battle of

Midway Island

William Preinitz, Historian

Thursday, June 2


Raising from the wreckage of the Pearl Harbor attack the US bided it's time while launching a series of small raids to train its aircraft carrier forces. Its first significant operation of the war was the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo. Shortly thereafter the USN won a qualified victory over superior IJN forces at the Battle of the Coral Sea. To compensate for these setbacks the IJN would attempt to force the USN to meet it again while it still held naval superiority in the Pacific. What ensued was one of the most catastrophic defeats for the IJN, the “Miracle at Midway”.

Eye Health.jpg

Eye Health and What to

Know about Cataracts

Dr. Barbara Manion, OD,

Westport Eyecare

Thursday, June 10


June is cataract awareness month, so this is a perfect time to hear from an expert. Join Optometrist Dr. Manion, for an informative presentation on how to take care of your eyes. She will touch on general eye health, discuss what cataracts are and what can you do about them. There will be time at the end of the presentation to ask questions. 


To register, call 203-222-2608 or email Wendy: wpetty@westonct.gov




Tuesdays from

  12:15 to 4:00pm

   Starting July 6th 

with Joan

a competitive form of bridge in which the

same hands are played successively

by different partners.


New Players are Welcome!


$8.00 for SSC Members only

Please register ahead


Haircuts by Gloria



July 14th & 21st

(Art Room)


    All cuts $15.00

Please call 203-977-5151 for an appointment or

schedule on myactivecenter.com

Xtreme Bingo.png

Via Zoom


1st & 3rd Friday of the month


This Bingo is a little different than

our normal Bingo, this is Bingo with music.

This is Music bingo, you hear a song clip

and guess the song.


There will be paper Bingo sheets (each will get 2 sheets) with the titles of music with larger print which makes it easier to read.   You can either have them mailed directly to you or emailed to you whichever is easier. These will be mailed to you a week in advance.


Be sure to register on myactivecenter.com

or call at 203-977-5151


Zoom ID: 339 504 9940

Please log in 10 minutes before start time