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Brave Conversations: Facing Racism

Tuesday Dec. 1st   3:00pm - 5:00pm

Market Update (Zoom) Password: 618474

Monday Dec. 7th 10:00am 

Aging of the Eye (Zoom) Password: SSC

Tuesday, Dec. 15th 12:30pm - 1:15pm

Brave Conversations:

Facing Racism

Tuesday, December 1st

3pm - 5pm



Dr. Mara Gottlieb

There is no better time than the present to understand racism and it's toxic effects on all of us, regardless of our skin color. But we cannot confront what we don't know how to discuss, and we must make sure we have accurate information. This honest, informative training provides the knowledge, language, and tools to boldly and productively address issues of race, racism and skin color privilege.

In a respectful, safe environment, we will discuss the social-constructed meanings of skin color and race, and the resulting impact of racism in the United States. Part of our work together will be to explore the ways racism affects how we perceive people who are not represented in our own families, neighborhoods, or social circles. Finally, we will work together to find solutions that will enable us to debunk and dismantle structural and individual racism.

Dr. Mara Gottlieb, holds a PhD and a Masters in Social Work, both from New York University. In addition to teaching and guest lecturing at several Universities, she has worked with esteemed clients such as the Anti-Defamation League, Good Shepherd Service, ACS, DCF, DMHAS, The Child Center of NY, the Connecticut Women's Consortium, Hartford District Court, Mercy Learning Center, and many more. Her workshops have been featured at the CT NASW annual conference, and she has served as keynote speaker at several others.

*Traine's note: I am a white-European woman who cannot and does not speak for people of color. This training is targeted (but not limited) to other white-Europeans who want a deeper understanding of race and racism without asking people of color to educate us.

Tuesday's at 9:30am

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