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A Vibrant & Welcoming Community of Older Adults in Stamford

Looking for a place to meet new friends, stay active, have fun and give back? Join the Stamford Senior Center.

Membership is open to the young at heart aged 60+, and our calendar is packed with opportunities for exercise, learning, socializing, and more.

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Our mission: To engage and empower seniors of all backgrounds to thrive physically, emotionally and socially.

Why Join the Stamford Senior Center?

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Low cost

Our membership fees are extremely affordable, averaging out to just cents per class.

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We always have a full calendar, so register for as much or as little as you’d like to.

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Join from home

We’re a senior center without walls! Join us in person or livestream our classes from home.

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Whether you’re looking for mental stimulation or a physical workout, we enrich lives at any age.

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Make friends of all backgrounds and language families! We bring Stamford’s diverse community together.

Take Control of Your Well-Being

The Stamford Senior Center is a proud partner of BetterAge, your personalized guide to living well.

Take this confidential assessment tool and identify areas in your life that you may be struggling in. Better Age helps you identify small steps you can take to live your best life.

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What Our Members Say

Judy Motta

The Stamford Senior Center is a significant part of my life. It is such a warm and inviting environment that enriches our lives.

Judy Motta
Janice Burke

I love all the various programs offered here and it’s a great place to meet people with common interests and make new friends.

Janice Burke
Steven Brill

I’ve been to many senior centers and the SSC is the best, offering a wide range of programs for all.

Steven Brill
Teddi Lowenthal

The Stamford Senior Center is a wonderful place to be everyday. It keeps me happy with wonderful people and staff and it has a variety of activities.

Teddi Lowenthal
Len Kulkarni

The SSC is my second home. I feel so energized when I come here daily to learn new skills and sharing my knowledge with others.

Len Kulkarni
Genie Camacho

The SSC is my anti-depressant.

Genie Camacho

How It Works

To provide the greatest variety of programming at the most affordable prices, Stamford Senior Center operates on a membership basis.

1. Become a Member

Choose from Basic or Gold membership, depending on how many and which classes you’d like to attend.

2. Fill Your Calendar

As an SSC member, you can access our full slate of socially, physically, and mentally enriching programs.

3. Have Fun!

SSC members find friendship, learn new things, exercise their mind and body—and a whole lot more.